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How Does It Work?
You make money by delivering catalogues to households in your local and surrounding area. The catalogue is professional, full colour and packed with thousands of great value products, some of which are unique to the catalogue and canít be found anywhere else.
The catalogue includes home, garden, health, beauty and gift products. Customers can place an order from the catalogue using a simple order form provided and you return after a few days to collect the catalogue and hopefully, the order from the customer.
Walk, Ride or Drive
Many Distributors deliver their catalogues whilst walking the dog or with children. Some combine their deliveries with a jog or brisk walk to exercise. Some choose to deliver their catalogues by bicycle and some by car. How you deliver your catalogues is up to you. People from all walks of life and circumstances can be successful.
Is it available in my area?
Yes, we're looking for people in every UK postcode area and Ireland too. Thousands will be recruited in February and thousands more in March. Complete your details to find out more.
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